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Woolverstone Hall Heritage Day - Sunday 12th September 2021

We took Mary Alice with us to the Woolverstone Hall Heritage Day on Sunday 12th September. The Hall threw its doors open to well over 100o visitors who could explore the interior and the grounds; there were guides for both areas. The weather was perfect and the event supremely well organised.

Mary Alice waited with Julia in the "Leggett Room " which was originally designated as the Study. She has been printed on foam board which is approx 120 cms by 80 cms. The quality of the image is impressive. The work was done by a company called "Clearscore" in Ipswich. Getting to this point was a journey. I wanted something that would be both visually arresting and engaging. The resolution of the original image I used for the book cover was too low to be enlarged to this size. John, at "Clearscore", also didn't have the same fonts used in the cover design although he had several thousand to choose from. In the end, I took a new photo of the image from "Some Pictures from the Past History of the Berners Family" with a different camera and this proved satisfactory. John found a font that closely matched the original and we were in business.

The first time I saw the result I was quite emotional; Mary Alice had come to life in front of me. Sensational. I constructed a light frame glued to the rear of the board and a pair of hinged legs that meant Mary Alice can travel to other locations and stand proudly for all to see.

The day was successful and most enjoyable. Mary Alice caught the attention of many of the visitors.

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