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First milestone reached

I didn't know what to expect when I started this project. Today I have received an order for book number 100. I'm delighted that Mary Alice's story has been shared so widely. Books have gone to India and the USA as well as across England.

Self publishing is a difficult journey. The job of gaining exposure is challenging and the obstacles are numerous. Gaining reviews is taxing.

To give an example. The book is beautifully presented on silk (think art book) paper to ensure the quality of the numerous illustrations, 50 colour pages of them. I have tried to bring Mary Alice's life and journey alive so readers can see it. This choice means that each book costs just under £8 to make.

Recently, I asked an independent bookseller if they would be interested in stocking copies. They would, but their commission would be 40 - 45%. At 40% that would be just a shade under £6 per book. This would leave me a margin of 97p per book, which wouldn't even cover the fuel to deliver five books to the bookstore.

Hence, I have decided to go it alone and market "The Astonshing Story of Mary Alice Berners" myself. We'll see if that was a fool's errand.

However, the project has been aided by Andrew Marsh at Dial Lane Books, Ipswich, who wanted to support a new local author by not asking for commission. I'm grateful to him for his support.

So, please, if you have enjoyed my book, spread the word about the remarkable Mary Alice.

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