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Another kind review

What an intriguing story - I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and, of course, seeing the illustrations. They brought back Naini Tal memories. What comes across strongly is your fascination with Mary Alice's life and your admiration/sympathy for her.

I note you mention Jeolikote's acidic wild strawberries, which I remember. I was interested in Mary Alice's (unhappy) connections with Punjab. (My own forthcoming book is on Sikhs through western women's art and writing over the past 200 years.)

I wonder whether Mary Alice came across other (but Protestant) local characters - Miss Murch and her adopted family for instance in Naini Tal, or Dr E. Stanley Jones and the Sat Tal ashram.

I wonder how far Vikram will get with his scheme. I'd love to visit if ever I get back to Kumaon. I've often seen his name on Nainital Nostalgia.

Congratulations on your detailed investigation and on publishing such an engaging narrative.

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