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Another perceptive review

"Your book is very nicely produced and does indeed tell an ‘astonishing’ story. Mary Alice was quite a gal - and guy! The depth of research and wealth of documentation is impressive and paints a very vivid portrait of Alice - clearly years ahead of her time as a feminist and latterly transgender individualist. These are very modern themes and will resonate with contemporary audiences. It occurred to me that the visual possibilities might make this very good material for a stage adaptation which could of course lead on to TV and film treatments. I feel sure there must be regional grants available for this kind of project development and would suggest an initial approach to the artistic director of the Ipswich theatre...

I loved the Buffalo Bill stuff and life in India. The canvas is so colourful and expansive they should lap it up! Was hoping to tune into your Radio Suffolk interview but unfortunately missed it due pressure of other things.

Hope it went well. I feel you have woven a rich tale that could be spun in many ways!"

- Laurie Mayer. BBC and Sky News presenter.

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