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Reviews from India

"Just received my copy of " The Astonishing Story of Mary Alice Berners " , compiled and curated by Mr. Simon Pearce . 373 pages of sheer magic , our very own Nainitale , the Warwick saga as we call it in here , which keeps on raising it's head, now and then, since the first time Vikram Srivastava Sir, posted about the Warwick Estate on 27th June 2015 in NN. When I saw his post for the first time that such an interesting place and character actually existed so near to Nainital, with only a handful of people in the know, I made a solo trek, sneaking into the property, sort of trespassing from the outside, as I could not resist the temptation . Later, I made a couple treks to the place with Vikram Sir's permission, and was shocked beyond words when I came across some rarities of the era , frozen in time when I was sifting through the interiors of the estate . In October 2016 , I took a risk of convincing some elderlies , all 65+ in age , with me being the youngest, to trek up there from Jeolikote, to experience the place in its entirety and what a moment it was . This Warwick saga was always for us, in bits and pieces, through various posts and comments, some hearsays and some with supporting facts, in a digital form, but now, for the first time, I will be spending my weekend going through this precious Nainitale through this book in paper form. This Warwick saga is never ending , I request Mr. Pearce to plan a visit to India soon, once this situation stabilizes and we can have a book reading session from this book , where else, but the Warwick Estate. What say, Vikram Srivastava Sir?"

- Arvind Upreti

"An absolute stunner ,must read for those who love a mystery ,folk lore & real life stories .

Congrats, Simon."

- Tariq Quraishi

"It was the best gift given to me as a birthday gift by Vikram!"

- Nilanjana Dalmia

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